With a flip of the switch, I have warmth and ambiance

I just wanted to let you know we finally got the electric fireplace installed this week in my new yoga studio. It looks fantastic and was so easy to install. I have attached a picture for you. Feel free to share or use as you choose. And, on top of everything else being so simple, with the flip of a switch I have warmth and ambiance in my studio. Just beautiful!

Norm K / United States

Great purchase, Sideline 50 80004

Purchased the Onyx Sideline 50 80004 for major remodel. Turned our non-working fireplace into a visually nice and modern look. We could have gone gas, but decided to go with electric instead. We just wanted a sleek modern look and this certainly did that. Electrical was the best option to have the flames and no heat output. We went with the crystals and it really gives it a modern look. Highly recommend and is at a very good price for what you get.

Patty J / United States

Love it!

Our entire experience with Touchstone products has been great! We received our fireplace quickly and installed it easily. It was exactly what we had hoped for, and it completely changed the look and feel of our bedroom! It was so easy and inexpensive that we decided to buy another Touchstone fireplace for our guest room. We love the timer feature and fall asleep every night with the fire on. It doesn’t put out a lot of heat, but it’s just right for our 500 sq foot bedroom.

Very excited.

Kellie G / United States